Session 3 Roundup

Japan skip Yosuke Morozumi and his team recorded a 14-2 win against Kazakhstan Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Hosts Japan secured a 14-2 victory over Kazakhstan men in the highest scoring game of the third session of play at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2014.

After the women played two sessions yesterday, the men’s Championship began this morning in the Karuizawa Ice Park Curling Hall in Karuizawa, Japan.

It was the host team who picked up six points from the first end after a combination of good set up play by Japan and a mistake from Kazakhstan fourth Aleksandr Orlov when he wrecked on a guard with his last stone.

Japan then went on to steal four points from the next two ends before Orlov got Kazakhstan on the scoreboard with a hit for one point in the fourth end.

Although Kazakhstan scored one point again in the sixth end, Japan eventually ran out 14-2 winners after seven ends of play.

Afterwards, Japan skip Yusuke Morozumi said: “We had a good start this morning. The good thing is that we could play all of our shots comfortably in this game. After taking a big lead we felt that we were very relaxed as there was little pressure.”

Talking about the event being staged in their hometown, Morozumi said: “This is a great chance for us to have an international event in our hometown, Karuizawa. We know that many local people are supporting us, so we will take their backing and hopefully show them some good curling whenever we play.”

In the other men’s games, Australia and Korea played out a close game that went right to the last stone.

With the score 7-5 going into the last end, Australia, with hammer, had to score at least two points to get an extra end.

With his last stone, Australia skip Ian Palangio tried a double take-out which came within inches of coming off. Unfortunately for him, it was not enough as they could only take one point to make the final score 7-6 to Korea.

Afterwards, Korea skip Soo Hyuk Kim said: “In every game we are looking to improve our confidence, but we are determined to qualify for the World Championships so we were all very passionate in this game as we wanted to start well. Australia are a good team but in this game we made too many mistakes which is why it proved to be difficult.”

The third men’s game of the session saw New Zealand take on Chinese Taipei.

This also proved to be a tight game throughout, with the teams going into the ninth end with the scores 3-2 in Chinese Taipei’s favour.

This end proved crucial however as, with his first stone, Chinese Taipei skip Randie Shen made a take-out to sit with three counting stones.

After New Zealand fourth Scott Becker’s final draw into the house was a little light, Shen made the take-out to score three points. Chinese Taipei then ran New Zealand out of stones in the tenth end to win by 6-2.

Afterwards, Chinese Taipei skip Randie Shen said: “Well a win is always good. It was close in the beginning of the game. It went back and forth but we got a big break in the ninth end. Overall we’re happy with the performance. There’s lots of room for improvement but it’s a long week so we’ll see where it goes. We absolutely want to finish in the top two! We’ve been working at this fairly hard for the last few years and it would be nice to qualify for the play-offs, but our goal is to get into the top two and qualify for the Worlds.”

In the women’s games, Korea and China remain the only two undefeated teams.

In their game, China and Japan took single points in the first two ends after trying to blank them both.

China edged ahead in the third end when skip Sijia Liu made a hit for two points before Japan took one point back in the fourth end.

China extended their lead again as Liu made another hit for two points in the fifth end before Japan skip Ayumi Ogasawara played a hit but knocked one of her own stones out of the house to only take one point instead of two to leave the score 5-3 after six ends of play.

Japan then stole one point in the seventh end when China skip Sijia Liu's hit rolled out. She made amends for that in the next end as she took two points, although could have got more should her final draw into the house not been so heavy.

In the ninth end, with Japan looking to get two points on the board, Japan skip Ayumi Ogasawara attempted a split which failed to come off, blanking the ninth end.

China played it safe in the tenth end as they ran Japan out of stones to leave the final score 7-4, their second consecutive win of the Championship so far.

Korea maintained their 100 percent record when they defeated Australia in nine ends. Skip Eun Jung Kim started with a score of two points in the first end and doubled her lead in the third end as she drew into the house.

Later in the game, Australia gave up a steal of two points to Korea when skip Kim Forge was wide with an attempted takeout to make the score 6-1 at the fifth end break.

Korea picked up another big score in the seventh end when skip Eun Sung Kim made a takeout for three points before the teams finally shook after nine ends of play with the final score 10-3.

The fourth session of play will see Australia v China and Japan v New Zealand in the women’s competition and Japan v Korea (WCTV webstream), China v New Zealand and Chinese Taipei v Australia in the men’s competition, all at 15:00 local time (JST).

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