Session 1 Roundup

Last year's PACC winners, Korea, opened with a win against New Zealand Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

In the opening session of round-robin play, Japan and Korea women picked up their first wins at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2014 being held at the Karuizawa Ice Park Curling Hall in Karuizawa, Japan.

In their game against Japan, Australia skip Kim Forge got off to a disappointing start as she was heavy and wide with her last stone to up give steal of two points.

The Australian skip did however make amends in the second end when she made a double take-out and leave her stone sitting in the house to score one point.

In the third end, Japan skip Ayumi Ogasawara, with her last stone, was light with an attempted double takeout, giving Australia a steal of two points and the lead for the first time at 3-2.

Japan took the lead again in the fourth end when Ogsawara was left with a draw to the button to take four points.

Australia got back into the game again with some good setup play that allowed skip Kim Forge to draw to the button and take two points to make the score 6-5 in Japan’s favour going into the fifth end break.

They drew level again in the sixth end after Australia stole one point before Japan took the lead again in the seventh end when they scored two points.

Forge was heavy with her last stone in the eighth end to give up a steal of two points giving Japan a 10-6 lead.

Australia scored one point in the ninth end before Japan ran them out of stones to secure 10-7 victory.

After the game, Australia skip Kim Forge said: “We were in it all the way. This is our first game together as a team. The ice is great, so if you throw the rocks the same way every time, you’re going to make a lot of shots.”

On the competition she continued: “Our aim is to qualify for the play-offs and if we make them then anything can happen. But the main challenge every year is always the preparation that we don’t get that some of our competition gets. We’re sometimes considered slow starters but finish strong, but it’s unfortunate that we can’t get the same amount of preparation time in Australia. At this level, that is definitely a major factor.”

Japan skip, Ayumi Ogasawara, was pleased to get the win. She said: "We could not read the ice well at the beginning. Although our shots were not good all of the time, we won this game in the end, so we're happy to get the victory. We will review our play and try to fix the problems for the next match."

It was a similar story for New Zealand, who went behind in the first end when fourth player Thivya Jeyaranjan was heavy and wide with an attempted draw, giving Korea a steal of two points.

Korea stole another point in the second end when Jeyaranjan attempted a raise with her final stone but was too light.

After some good sweeping, New Zealand got on the scoreboard with one point in the third end but Korea took another three points in the fourth end when their skip Eun Jung Kim made a hit and roll to make the score 6-1.

The deficit proved too much for New Zealand as Korea went on to win 9-4 after nine ends of play.

Following their loss, New Zealand’s Eleanor Adviento, making her Pacific-Asia Curling Championships debut, said: “As my debut, it’s incredibly exciting but I was still getting used to the ice, the pressure and everything - but overall it was really good. We have our own personal goals and we want to achieve those. We want to play really well as a team because this is the first time we’re playing together.”

On the game she added: “I actually think it went really, really well. We held our own throughout the game. We got our ones (points) in, we just need to work on getting our twos and our threes in to score more points overall.”

The second session of play will feature Korea v Japan (WCTV webstream) and New Zealand v China at 16:00 local time (JST).

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