China men win gold

China, Pacific-Asia men's champions 2014 Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

China men won gold while Japan took silver and Korea bronze at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2014 being held in the Karuizawa Ice Park Curling Hall.

China defeated Japan in the gold medal game in front of a crowd of over 300 spectators who had come along to cheer on their hometown team.

Japan started the game well as skip Yusuke Morozumi made a draw into the house to score two points in the first end.

China blanked the next end and in the third end had the chance to take three points as they looked to promote one of their own stones into a scoring position. This did not come off and they only managed to take one point.

China then stole a single point in the next end when Japan skip Yusuke Morozumi, with his last stone, couldn’t get enough power on an angled takeout to remove a counting Chinese stone.

Morozumi managed to score a point in the fifth end however as he drew into the house to make the score 3-2 to Japan by the fifth end break.

In the sixth end, the Japanese skip made a triple takeout with his first stone before making a tap back with his second stone to limit China to only one point. Then, in the next end, Morozumi played a takeout for one point.

The eighth end proved crucial. China skip Jialian Zang placed his first stone behind a guard at the back of the 12 foot ring. Japan’s Morozumi then tried to takeout this stone but missed, allowing Zang to draw into the house to score two points.

It went from bad to worse for Japan as in the next end, Morozumi was too heavy with his final draw, giving up a steal of two points to China.

China made sure of their victory in the tenth end when skip Jialiang Zang hit out one of the Japanese stones to score one point, win 7-5 and take the gold medals and the Pacific-Asia Championship title.

This was skip Jialiang Zang’s eighth Pacific-Asia Curling Championship gold medal, but first as skip.

He was supported by third Dejia Zou, second Dexin Ba, lead Qiang Zou, alternate Jinbo Wang and coach Hongchen Li.

After the game, China skip Jialiang Zang said: “This is my first time playing as skip in such a big event so I felt more responsible for the team. I felt I needed to play well and help the team. The two semi-final games against Korea helped us a lot in this final because they were very tight games and they helped us build our confidence from those two games.”

For Japan skip Yusuke Morozumi, this was his team’s fifth silver medal at this Championship. He was supported by third Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi, second Tetsuro Shimizu, lead Kosuke Morozumi and coach Hatomi Nagaoka.

On losing the gold medal game, Japan skip Yusuke Morozumi said: “I’m so disappointed and frustrated. I wanted to get the gold! A lot of spectators came to watch us today, which made for a great atmosphere. That helped us a lot. I wanted to win for them. I wanted them to see our best curling but we were not up to our usual standard. The Chinese team were a lot better today - we just could not stop them.”

By being the top two placed teams in the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2014, both China and Japan have qualified for the Ford World Men’s Curling Championship 2015, which is taking place in Halifax, Canada.

In the bronze medal game, Korea took a key advantage against Australia in the third end when skip Soo Hyuk Kim made a takeout for three points.

Australian skip Ian Palangio hit back in the next end as he drew into the house to score two points.

The next six ends consisted of single points, but in the eighth end Korea took a further step towards victory as Australia skip Ian Palangio was too heavy with his final draw to give up a steal of one point.

Korea went on to win 7-4, their nation’s eighth medal at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships. For skip Soo Hyuk Kim, this was his fourth medal at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships. He was supported by third Tae Hwan Kim, second Jong Duk Park, lead Yoon Ho Nam alternate Min Hyeon Yoo and coach Se Young Yang.

On winning the bronze medals, Kim said: “It’s very worthy but it’s not enough for us. Our goal was very simple - we wanted to qualify for the World Championships but didn’t, so the pressure was off for us in this game.”

Earlier in the day, China women won gold, Korea silver and Japan bronze.

Gold: Japan 5, China 7.
Bronze: Korea 7, Australia 4.

1. China 7-2 (gold and qualified for Ford World Men’s Curling Championship 2015)
2. Japan 7-1 (silver and qualified for Ford World Men’s Curling Championship 2015)
3. Korea 6-3 (bronze)
4. Australia 3-6
5. New Zealand 2-5
6. Chinese Taipei 2-4
7. Kazakhstan 0-6

The dates and location for the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2015 have yet to be announced.

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The World Women’s Curling Championship 2015 will take place in Sapporo, Japan (14-22 March)

The Ford World Men’s Curling Championship 2015 will take place in Halifax, Canada (28 March – 5 April)

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China, Pacific-Asia Curling Champions 2014

Japan, Pacific-Asia Curling Championship silver medallists 2014

Korea, Pacific-Asia Curling Championship bronze medallists 2014

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